Sunday, November 22, 2009

Donors Choose

I love fantastic ideas, and this website, Donors Choose is a fantastic idea.

Donors Choose allows teachers to make proposals for classroom projects, ideas, and supplies that are completely student-centered.

Teachers make their proposals based on the needs of their classroom and students, and people, just like you, get the opportunity to donate and radically impact a school classroom.

A fantastic idea, right?

Well, I registered with Donors Choose and have made a PROPOSAL for my English I class.

We are beginning a research project over the Vietnam War in partnership with the reading of a fantastic novel, "Fallen Angels," written by Walter Dean Myers.

Teaching a young man or woman to write and to research is a very rewarding, yet difficult task. I teach at a rural high school which has very limited resources for the students and many of our students do not have access to technology at home.

Therefore, I wrote a proposal for a class set of flashdrives. As our students work on their research projects, they will need a safe place that they can store their information and writing.

Our "school network" is not reliable or secure, and often when students save their work on it, other students tamper with their work. What a defeating moment for a student when they realize that their hard work has been destroyed! Writing is hard enough, but it is especially difficult when you have to re-write what you have already composed.

Would you please consider blessing the students that I teach? Any help or support you can give will be a great blessing!

Please click on the link above and read my proposal and consider donating. It will mean more than you can ever know!

Thank you for your help and consideration!!


Ms. Wallace :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I went and saw Amos Lee in concert last night, and it...was awesome. This guy can absolutely write songs. Lyrically he wrestles with social issues, questioning life and relationships, revealing our human connection. And his voice, is well, just unbelieveable. Check him out.

Amos Lee on NPR (Click on LISTEN in the top left corner)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dear Nathan,

Today, sweet boy, you are three years old! My, how time has flown since you were born.When you were born on September 13, 2005, God made me an Aunt for the first time, and as a friend told me, you "opened my heart up to a new kind of love." I was in Portland, OR while you were making your grand entrance in Texas, and when I met you at six weeks old...well, honestly -- I wasn't that impressed. All you did was poop and cry! But greater still, I felt my heart open to you, a deep love for you overtook my heart.We've spent much of your 3 years separated from one another. I was in Oregon or Texas, you were in Bolivia. But I love that you are getting to grow up in a foreign country, serving God with your mama, daddy, and brother, and learning so many things that will form you as you grow older.Besides, when we do get together, we make the most of it! " 'Om on, let's do! " was your cry to me when you wanted to play. You were 2 years old, and you turned "do" into "Do Do" (read: Dough Dough). I thought you were calling me a Do Do bird, but I let that go, and have loved hearing your sweet voice say your unique name for me. We play at the park, build towers, play soccer, go swimming, and so much more!You have such a kind heart. When Auntie Do Do took you to see Wall-e, you got scared. As I carried you out to the car, I apologized for the scary hugged my neck and said, "Isss ok Do Do." The tears welled in my eyes as I held you close. I would've given you anything you wanted right then.I have never met such a brave, tender-hearted, crazy, goofy kid like you. You have captured my heart in the deepest of ways. I am so proud of you, and am incredibly thankful for you.

I love you sweet Nathan, hugs and zurberts to you on your big day!!

Auntie Do Do

Monday, September 08, 2008

Oh man...

Well...maybe I should re-introduce myself?? :) Eight months is quite a while to drop off the blogosphere, and I surely fell hard. I mentally tried to get up, brainstorming ideas I could write about, forming words together in my mind...alas, they would not come together.

I am not promising any consistency here, I will only do my best to share thoughts and reflections as they come in day to day life. I'll be working on it, I am anticipating sore muscles after many months of blogging inactivity. :)

In the mean time, I bought some cute t-shirts for my nephews while visiting Portland...and these two boys do something in my heart that I can barely explain. I love them.
Be seeing you friends!

Thursday, January 03, 2008